Higherlife Beauty Salon

HigherLife Beauty Salon is located at: (5221 Equipment drive, Charlotte NC 28262). Our beauty and hair salon in Charlotte, NC has hair specialists specializing in providing a wide range of wonderful hair salon services including Braiding, Weaving, Coloring, Perms, Highlights, Relaxers, Natural styles and much more that suits your unique hair care needs.

HigherLife Beauty Salon was established in 2001, since then we continue to bring the latest styles, trends, hair products, and care for you. When you come visit our beauty salon you will experience, see and feel the pride we take in tending to your personal hair care needs.

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Our stylists offer all of our customers their desired look whether it being the latest trend, old school or even a new funky unique design. Take a look at our style gallery to view the hairstyles and hair services provided to our beloved customers. Remember your dream style and perfect hair solution is only one visit away.

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